Vehicle Detailing

Is your vehicle in need of a good cleaning?

In today's fast paced world it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to keep your vehicle looking its best. Here at SRT Performance WA we put pride in your ride.

Perfection is the key and we are all about attention to detail.  We do not compromise on quality and use the best products and techniques to get your car looking spotless and in showroom condition.


Gold Class Detail includes:  Exterior wash and polish.  Engine Bay, Carpets and Seats all cleaned bringing to car back to new. 

Showroom Detail includes:  Paintwork is cut back with a special compound to remove and dirt, grease and any imperfections, then polished by hand to take away any swirl marks.  Engine bay, Carpets, Seats, Windows all cleaned having your vehicle look like a piece of art on wheels. 

Gold Class Detail starts at $500

Showroom Detail starts at $1,500

Price will be confirmed on visual inspection of vehicle

4 Wheel drives - quote only on visual inspection

Car Detailing.png