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Exhaust System Upgrades

Benefits of Upgrading Exhaust System.

The exhaust is the escape way for gases produced by the engine. By upgrading the exhaust, you are creating an easier and better pathway for those gases to escape which, in turn, helps your engine breath easier. If your engine is breathing better, it will perform better.

Headers Upgrade, Full Exhaust System.

This is a more involved upgrade and it is a better choice of upgrade for performance.  If it is only the sound you are wanting then a Cat-Back System will do the same thing. Will sound good although the stock headers don't expel exhaust gas as fast and efficiently as long tube headers.  Please note when replacing headers and race cats the vehicle may require tuning.

How much HP does exhaust add?

Most aftermarket exhaust manufacturer, says that its customers can expect horsepower gains of around 10 percent.

Does aftermarket exhaust improve fuel economy?

A typical exhaust improves a vehicle's power output by 2 to 5%. Let us say your vehicle get roughly 16 miles per gallon and by adding a new exhaust system sees a gain in fuel economy of approximately 3%.

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