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 PROCHARGER SUPERCHARGER - Chrysler 300 6.4L Power: Luxury without sacrifice

Classy, luxurious and now, even faster! ProCharger is proud to announce the availability of an Intercooled Supercharger system for the 2011-14 Chrysler 300C equipped with the 6.4L Hemi engines. Expect horsepower gains of 200+ with an HO Intercooled System on pump gas and only 7psi of boost!

Thanks to the industry's coolest charge air temperatures and largest power gains, no other supercharger system for the Chrysler 300C even comes close. With ProCharger’s patented and proven self-contained P-1SC-1 or new upgraded P1X supercharger and a high-performance air-to-air inter-cooler system, unmatched power is delivered with maximum reliability and relatively simple installation. The HO Intercooled System is 100% complete with the option of fuel injectors and innovative Diablosport Predator handheld programmer included.

HO Intercooled Systems are available for 2011 Chrysler 300's, and Tuner Kits without fuel injectors and handheld programmers are available for 2012-14 model years. Up to 615 RWHP with otherwise stock 392

Proven Intercooled ProCharger Systems and Tuner Kits are now available to order for the 2014-11 6.4L SRT8 Chrysler 300C. This industry leading technology produces a gain of 170 RWHP with a conservative 7 psi. For those wanting to purchase a tuner kit and have custom tuning performed by SRT Performance WA, the gain is over 200 RWHP with 8 psi. Intercooled ProCharger Systems provide the coolest charge air temps, largest power gains and most repeatable performance available. ProCharger’s 6.4L/392 systems and tuner kits feature the industry standard P-1SC-1or P1X ProCharger, with self-contained oiling, billet impeller and billet gear cases standard. This kit also features highly effective and reliable air-to-air intercooling, which combines with an advantaged mounting location and best in class supercharger efficiency to minimise heat production and heat transfer, and maximise reliable power gains.

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Whipple Superchargers is owned and operated by it's founder Art Whipple and is located in Fresno, CA. Founder and president Art Whipple has always been regarded as a true innovator and enjoyed a very successful racing career as crew chief and owner of Top Funny Cars and Dragsters, as well as many other forms of racing such as circle and drag boats.

In 1991 Whipple Superchargers found a Swedish company named Opcon Autorotor. until this time Sprintex was the only manufacturer of the twin-screw type supercharger, but Autorotor,  sister company of the pioneering company Svenska Rotor Maskiner (SRM) had a larger variety of sizes to choose from and later generation rotor technology. By this time, the screw compressor had become commonly known as the "Whipper Charger" and quickly became a must have item for performance enthusiasts.

After Autorotor and SRM split, Whipple decided to stay with SRM and their newly formed company Lysholm Technologies. This relationship worked out very well and led to many successful twin-screw applications. With the partnership of Eaton Corp, the Lysholm compressor made tremendous strides in dependability and performance. In 2004 the Lysholm/Eaton screw compressor was utilized on the Ford GT super car and Mercury Racing High Performance engines, a first for Lysholm.

With Whipple Superchargers extensive knowledge, technology and years of experience, Whipple developed an entirely new supercharger line-up that featured all of the latest technology in profile, housing, rotor coating and bearing design to once again, revolutionise the twin-screw supercharger market. AS the pioneer of the screw compressor market, Whipple's dedication to innovative thinking, hark work, attention to detail and outstanding product performance has led to a better, American made product for the performance industry.


RIPP SUPERCHARGER  -  Jeep's 2012 - 2018

SRT's most prize product, second only to the world-class Dodge Viper. The WK2 SRT Cherokee is a real machine and if you're lucky enough to have one, you know it doesn't leave you hungry for more.

For those who crave more, better yet, NEED more we have the perfect product for you. The RIPP Supercharger is a simple bolt on solution, will add 225 additional ALL Wheel HP (whp) . The simplicity of the design is it's benefit. There is no major cutting or drilling in our system.

With the GEN2 RIPP Supercharger it is an impressive 605 awhp, a gain of 225 HP to the wheels. That HP effects every aspect of your day to day driving, what was fun will now be exhilarating, the extra HP will propel you way past any legal speed limit with ease. Clients have reported 0-60 times in the 3.3 range and 11.5 quarter mile time just by bolting on the kit. Tuning is a must, shifts are crisp, throttle response is better than stock, and the power pours on like a freight train. As an added bonus the efficiency of our system when driven normally have netted MPG gains of 1-4mpg city / highway.

Forced induction, when done correctly are not as complex as our competitors may be demonstrating and not everyone is looking for 1000whp. The RIPP Supercharger system is real-world and completely daily-drivable with no surprises. Most importantly it's complete, they are packed with care so your installer can get through your install with ease. Trust the company with over twenty years of experience in the aftermarket performance industry - The leader in Jeep Forced induction, RIPP Superchargers.

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