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Fitment of Custom B.O.V.jpg
Blow off Valve. Custom made pipes to suit
Procharger Cooling system and Intercoole
Modified cooling system & Intercooler installation
Stock standard 6.4L Hemi from factory
Procharged engine bay with polished options
CNC Ported Intake manifold upgrade
Mopar service
Hi Flow Fuel Injection Upgrade.jpg
Fuel injector upgrades
Fully Polished Procharger Option.jpg
Engine Bay
Precision Custom made Blow Off Valve Out
High volume hi flow fuel pump upgrades.j
Precision Crankshaft Pinning.jpg
B.O.V fabrication of piping
Genuine Mopar cold air intake upgrade
CNC ported intake & 87mm CNC polished throttle body upgrade
High flow hi volume fuel pump upgrades
Precise Crankshaft pinning
Blow off valve.jpg
Genuine Mopar CAI systems.jpg
Intake manifold mods, CNC porting
Procharger blow off valve positioning
Engine detail
Genuine Mopar CAI System
Fuel pressure guage.jpg
3 Inch stainless steel piping with 100 cell hi flow race cats, centre cross pipes through Magnaflow mufflers out to 3 inch chrome tips
Hurricane long tube ceramic headers and race cats
Engine bay fuel pump pressure gauge fitting
Coil overs 1.jpg
Rear Coilover package, fully adjustable
Catchcan 1.jpg
Catch Can fitment
Coil overs front 2.jpg
Front Coilover package, fully adjustable
Procharger catchcan throttle body.jpg
Catch Can for Pro Charger
Cold Air Intake.jpg
JLT Cold Air Intake Chrysler 300 SRT
Destroyed cam lobe.jpg
Destroyed Cam lobe
Chrysler 300c.jpg
SRT carpark 1.jpg
Cold Air JLT.jpg
JLT Cold Air Intake SRT Jeep
Cam upgrade 1.jpg
Camshaft upgrade prep
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