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LX Torana project Rebuilding a 304 5.0 litre V8 for the project. Sent for machining and making it our own. Keeping you updated week by week watch this space for a complete transformation

LX Torana project update. Bottom end built, flat top pistons with Hastings quality rings for higher compression, 286 Crane cam not over the top but good grind for good performance, ACL engine bearings & Rollmaster timing chain & sprockets.
LX Torana project update - Engine build part 4
LX Torana project update Part 6 Power Steering conversion

LX Torana project update. 2nd hand 304 engine, stripped sent for machining acid bath rebore etc. Preparing for the full rebuild

LX Torana project engine rebuild part 3
LX Torana project update
Part 5 Engine bay preparation & tidy up.
1969 Ford Mustang Fastback - Cooling System Upgrade
WB Ute Full Restoration and conversion
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