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Intake System Upgrade


We remove your Intake Manifold, strip it completely. Whilst it is stripped we can also offer CNC porting which allows more air flow from the bell mouth of the throttle body mounting to the ports of the cylinder heads otherwise we can just clean your existing manifold properly with specialised equipment and cleaning fluids which breaks down carbon build up and deposits. This procedure is necessary and mandatory when fitting new or reconditioned engines, or warranty will be null and void.

Is intake manifold cleaning necessary?

It is important to clean your intake manifold properly, as the air it provides your engine is key to performance, economy, and efficiency. A dirty intake manifold can also allow harmful particles into your engine, potentially causing untold, irreparable damage.

What causes carbon build-up?

How Does Carbon Build-up Form. Carbon deposits and build-up are a by-product of combustion in an engine that comes from incomplete fuel combustion. This black soot, similar to that which collects in a chimney, will harden on internal engine components such as injector nozzles, cylinder walls, intake valves, and more.

Throttle Body Upgrade and Fuel Injectors serviced at the same time. Contact us for more details.

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