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Fuel Injection Service and Flow Testing

What does a fuel injection service do?

Every car engine has a fuel system that is comprised of a fuel filter, a pump, and injectors. During a fuel injection service, your mechanic will typically inspect all connections, the fuel and vacuum lines, the fuel rail, and the pressure regulator. They will then clean the fuel injectors and throttle body air intake.

When should fuel injection service be done?

It is recommended to get fuel injector cleaning done after every 60,000 to 90,000 kms. If you've noticed a sharp decline in your fuel economy, a lack of power in your car, or have experienced a sluggish feeling when you accelerate, it could mean you need a fuel injection cleaning service.

Fuel injector flow rate testing

Leak Down test– is performed at 60 to 80 psi. When in closed position, fuel injectors should not leak any fuel. 

Flow Rate – The volume of gas each injector flows in cc/min at 43.5 psi / 3 bar of fuel pressure. For proper engine performance the injectors in a set should be flowing within 5 percent of each other.

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