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Temperature Controlled Dyno and Tuning Room


Here at SRT Performance WA we have designed our own temperature controlled dyno room complete with air conditioning and exhaust gas extraction unit. 

We tune your vehicle with the newly introduced Neural Network Trainer by HP Tuners, brings industry-exclusive control over your vehicles neural networks.  This new tool allows for editing of your vehicle VE tables and simplifies the complex process of neural network training.

Why do we use the Neural Network Trainer instead of a download or flash tune:

Neural networks are a set of advanced algorithms designed to recognize patterns. They learn by processing examples that include a known input and result. As modern vehicles become ever more complex, some manufacturers have begun to implement neural networks to optimize vehicle performance.

Neural Networks accept inputs like engine RPM, intake and exhaust camshaft positions and more, perform several calculations and produce an output which models estimated volumetric efficiency (VE). These vehicles have too many inputs to reasonably handle using traditional methods, which has led to the usage of neural networks.

Aftermarket calibration tools have not been able to deal with OEM neural networks, and the solution in most cases has been to disable them. The downside of doing this is losing the ability to accommodate adjustable intake and exhaust camshafts, potential fuel economy losses and emissions impact.

Every tune is designed specifically for your vehicle, it's a time consuming but precise way to tune your engine, not only for maximum HP but for optimum efficiency and performance. It's the new and only way vehicles should be tuned.

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