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RIPP Supercharger kit for 2012 - 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT


For those who NEED more from the 392 equipped SRT Grand Cherokee we have the perfect product for you.  The simplicity of the design is it's benefit. There is no major cutting or drilling in our system and is 100% reversible.

Stock SRT Grand Cherokee's produce 380whp when tested on our in-house. With the GEN2 RIPP Supercharger its an impressive 605awhp, a gain of 225 HP to the wheels. That HP effects every aspect of your day to day driving, what was fun will now be exhilarating, the extra HP will propel you way past any legal speed limit with ease. Clients have reported 0-60 times in the 3.3 range and 11.5 quarter mile time just by bolting on the kit. Tuning included, shifts are crisp, throttle response is better than stock, and the power pours on like a freight train. As an added BONUS, the efficiency of our system when driven normally have netted MPG gains of 1-4mpg city/hwy.

Don't get hung up on complex over-priced competitors with options that don't make sense. Forced induction, when done correctly is not as complex as our competitors may be demonstrating and not everyone is looking for 1000whp. Our system is real-world and completely daily-drivable with no surprises. Most importantly it's complete, they are packed with care so your installer can get through your install with ease. Trust the company with over twenty years of experience in the aftermarket performance industry - The leader in Jeep Forced induction, RIPP Superchargers.

Key Features: 

  • Vortech V3 Si Trim Supercharger (Self Contained)
  • Vortech Race Blow Off Valve
  • Plug and Play Fuel Injectors
  • Proprietary MAP sensor
  • Diablo Sport - OBDII plug and play rm3000 device 
  • RIPP tune included  *(dyno tuned for best results)
  • Front Mounted Intercooler & mounting brackets 
  • Aluminum mandrel bent charge piping
  • Air intake with RIPP air filter.
  • Filtered Catch can.
  • High boost PCV valve
  • 2 extra bottles of Supercharger oil
  • Powder Coated Mounting Brackets
  • Easy to install pulley system
  • Gates Belt
  • Pre-Assembled Hardware, vacuum lines & fittings.
  • Pre-assembled pulley system.
  • Harmonic balancer pin install kit.
  • 4 Ply Black Boost Couplers and clamps
  • Vacuum lines, Vacuum T's and all adapters required
  • Price in AUD$, freight, customs tax, labour, credits and tuning
  • Price is for Black Powdercoat, other option is Satin Silver (slightly cheaper)
  • Please contact for ordering, prices will vary due to exchange rate and colour
  • August 2014 onwards will require PCM unlock $900

RIPP Supercharger kit complete - 2012 - 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

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